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I know he'll probably never see this, but it just needed to be

I know he'll probably never see this, but it just needed to be said: I'm sorry. I screwed up big time, and now you'll hate me forever. You were in love with me for 2 years, and I thought maybe I could convince myself to love you back, i tried, but that's not how love works unfortunately. Now you dont love me, now you hate me. But you know what? Good for you, you should hate me, you should he mad at me because i acted like a b*tch and completely screwed you over. If i could go back one time in my life, it would be to fix what happened between us, it was probably a good situation for you because now you're finally over me, now you can find someone better who deserves you, now you can finally be happy, and that's what I wanted for you all along. If you hating me and never talking to me makes you happy... then hate me and don't talk to me. Now you can be free, but I just want to say i'm going to miss our friendship. I'm going to miss feeling your cute curly hair, i'm going to miss making you smile & laugh. I'm going to look back on the time we went to sky zone & the movies. I'm going to look back on the first time I saw you in Mr. Carter's room and I waved to you like a nutcase. I will miss you. Even though you hate me, I will always care about you, and always wish the best for you. Please remember me, the girl who once made you smile, but most importantly remember me as the girl who still cares, but completely messed up. I'm sorry R.I.P to our friendship... have a good life, I hope it turns out to be everything you want it to be.

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posted April 17, 2013 at 7:57am UTC tagged with friendship, sorry, hate, miss, apology, away messages

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