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Last Friday I went to the movies with HIM & my best friend. Friday

Last Friday I went to the movies with HIM & my best friend. Friday was the day before my birthday, so he brought a present along. We watch the whole movie; we laugh, we giggle, and finally we get to the end credits. By now everyone's gone from the theatre. He agreed to letting me open my present. I pulled out a phonecase that had 2 pictures of us on it. In the middle it read "Happy Birthday Je sa sa! ❤" (his nickname for me) It was adorable, and i was freaking out when i slipped it on the back of my phone. Then he let me open the card, i read it, it was sweet and finally i got to the end it said "I have a few questions for you" I made my friend leave because it was a special moment... I turned to him and he said "Ok first... will you escourt me on stage for mr.THS?" (its a school thing) Smiling i said "sure" Then he said "Ok second, i know these past couples times ive screwed up so.... *he gets down on one knee* Jenessa, will you make me the happiest man alive and be my girl friend!" With the biggest smile on my face i quickly replied "Yes!!!!" then i hugged him... I'm so happy❤


bri321dancer 1 decade ago
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Cutest thing ever <3
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永久* 1 decade ago
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AWWWWWWWWWW<3 this is so sweet<3 two days, right? And happy belated birthday!
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