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Here's one of my poems: Everyone’s mean and cruel Pummeling

Here's one of my poems:

Everyone’s mean and cruel
Pummeling and stealing
Talking lies, spreading rumors
Hurting someone’s feelings

You start on a boy
Because he’s too short
Or on the girl next door
Because she’s just the right sort

I never thought
I would be the one
To reestablish reality and
Ruin everyone’s fun

Preaching to everyone
How could you do this?
How could you tear someone down?
You have everyone on your list

You continue on
Leaving everyone one in the dust
Believing your the queen bee or king of the hill
You continue on, like you must

Next, you target me
Wishing me to stop
You stand watching me
As I jump off this rooftop

You’re still standing around like your cool
Thinking, “Wow, I must really be great!”
When really, all you are is this little girl
Who’s ugly personality couldn’t wait

Never thinking
That the rumors you dredge
Or how you act
Could push someone over the edge

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