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I hate cutting but i dont know any other way to get rid of my

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I hate cutting
but i dont know any other way to get rid of my problems
I hate my scars
but I couldn't    live without them
I want to die
but im not strong enough to do it

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Evil_Cupcake21 1 decade ago
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Babygirl i love you<3 im always here for you, Lydy. Always am girly.
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QuietPeopleHaveLoudMinds 1 decade ago
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instead of inflicting pain on yourself try finding other ways to release anger/ emotions. ask yourself " is this really helping me/ are my problems gone or have i just created more of them?" sometimes you get too caught up your mind and you need to try and go back to a simpler way of thinking. now i don't know what it is that makes you want to cut but all problems have a solution better than harming yourself. use your scars as inspiration to move onto a healthier way of living, you'll always have them as a reminder of dark times but when your out of this rut you can also use them to remind yourself that things get better and that there is always hope. I'm here to talk if you ever need a friend:)
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