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Hidden Chapter Nine ♥ Jenelle ♥ My head felt like

Hidden Chapter Nine

♥ Jenelle ♥
My head felt like it was burning on fire as my eyes creaked.I glanced at my leg to see it was wrapped in a cast as I winced.The nurse looked at me and gave me a friendly smile.Slowly I took a deep breath and took in the horrible smell of antispetics as the nurse laughed."Well you're awake now and how are you feeling?"the nurse asked me.

"Uh as good as you can feel wearing a cast."I joked as he laughed.

"Well how old are you anyways?"He said trying to maintain conversation.

"I'm 14 you?"I replied.

"I'm 16 and I'm helping the doctor around."He said.

"Cool I guess this is the weirdest way of getting to know you since I'm in a cast."I said.The door flung open and spoiled the happy mood you can have in a hospital.My mom who looked like she was going to slap the nurse sat next to me.

"How are you feeling Jenelle?"My mom asked.I wondered if she was actually asking me in concern or was the money rising for me to be able to stay here?

"I'm good mom I believe it'll take just a couple weeks for me to get better."I added.

"Couple weeks!?"My mom said shocked then added,"But your tennis match is in 2 weeks and college scouts are coming."

"Mom I can't do that now.Not with my injury."I said.

"We'll discuss this later while I get your papers so you can leave."My mom briskly said then walked out like no one can stop her.It was true though since her becoming head FBI agent always put a strain on me.

.The guy nurse spoke up,"Man that is one tough mom and college scouts are looking for you now?"

"Well my mom has some contact with the college scouts so I can try to get an early scholarship."I informed.

He whistled then said,"Well I'm Leon and you my friend need to be free."

"I guess."I said checking my hair to see if it was perfect.

"So you want me to drop by later at your house?"He asked.

"Sure."I scrawled my address on a peice of paper.He smiled as I hobbled towards the restroom to change.

My mom had met me and stared at the ground while I knew I was making her feel ashamed so I walked past her to act like I wasn't her daughter.Sometimes it felt natural but other times I wish my mother acknowledged me even during the bad times not just when I win a  tennis match.We got in the car in silence as mom turned around."I can't you believe you did this.You better fix up your problem or else I'm facing the consquences for you."My mom cruelly said as I blinked back tears.

"But mom please try to understand me someone's trying to-"I was cut off as she picked off her phone motioning me to shut up.My blackberry phone beeped that said I had one new text message.
Poor Jenelle mommy's upset.
But I'm on my way to bet
That you're going to die
If you stop lying.
♥ M ♥
I looked around wondering if this was a prank or if it was real.Whoever this person was they couldn't stop me from finding the truth.My mom hung up and turned around to give me a bone chilling look.Did she know?When I heard my mom tapping away on the computer I got up and pressed a button.My room whirled for a minute then switched to all blue and purple.Thousands of books were lying around as I walked towards the center and waved my hands.I waved in a certain manner as a large book that had dust on it floated in front of me.I turned to the page to heal my injury at a faster rate so no one would notice me walking the next day.I spoke up,"Alla Ez Mariz"

"Jenelle!"Someone shouted my name.

My room turned to normal as I opened my notebook to look very casual.My desk was piled with tons of homework as I started organizing it."Come in."I said.

Leon walked in."Whatcha doing?"

"How did you get here so fast?"I asked.

"Let me show you."He started making a circle using his finger as a whirlwind formed and moved him to another side of my room.

My eyes widened as I said,"You have powers too?"

"Shouldn't be surprising since I know you do too."He said.

I smiled then said,"Wanna go get some ice cream?"

"Sure he said."We walked out not caring what my mom said as we headed towards an ice cream shop.As we walked towards the ice cream shop Leon informed me of his powers and how he was training with a guy name Alex.

I spoke up after he finished his story,"Can I join you?"

"Sure who's your mentor?"He asked.

"Uh well I kinda teached myself."I awkwardly added.

He widened his eyes then said,"What! That's incredible!"

"I ...uh thanks."I felt myself blush as some familar noise caught my attention.

"Again the noise came and this time it was louder.I couldn't bear it as someone grabbed my arm.There stood my mom who wore a black pencil skirt,black high heels and a professional navy blazer.Her face had pure anger as her grip went into my skin.Leon who was next to me froze in fear and surprise as I couldn't help it but give a little whine."Let's go Jenelle."My mom said.She commanded and dragged me off.Leon looked helpless as I tried walking normal so no one saw me."You're going to a rehab in Paris,France."She said in a monotone voice.

"What!"I shouted.

"Don't use that tone with me Jenelle.I saw your diary and your artbook.What I saw will be a disgrace to me.You can't talk to anyone or tell anyone where you will be.If you come back then we'll have plans of your college but right now I am ashamed you are my daughter."My mom said. Beside everything else were two extra navy color notebooks.In a flash I realized those were Jenny's notebooks and my mom thought Leon was Hunter.My phone beeped again meaning that I had a new text message.
I told mommy Jenelle.
You're crazy antics are nothing but lies.
You think you can get away.
But don't try to hide.
Paris has another one of me.
Watch out since you just might be vanishing.
♥ M ♥
A/N:Sorry for taking so long I always end up wanting to get the chapters perfect so hopefully you like this.History is making a repeat and is Elli(Jenelle's mom) going crazy or is someone or something pushing her?


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