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So I guess this is goodbye, guys. God knows how many times I've

So I guess this is goodbye, guys.
God knows how many times I've threatened to leave but this time I truly mean it. I haven't logged on in months and, as much as it sucks, I've outgrown this website.
I'm not making this to be dramatic; I'm making this as a thank-you.
Thank you to everyone who favourited my quotes. Thank you to whatever higher being decided I was worthy of being on the list of "People You Might Like." Thank you to Steve for creating this amazing place that was very important to me during my junior high years; Witty will always have a place in my heart because I don't know how well I would've survived those two years without it. As I'm finishing my second year of high school and getting closer to college I can see that this isn't the place for me anymore. I've grown away from it but I will never forget it.
I made some great friends through this website and it's sad knowing that in leaving this website I'm leaving some of them behind, but the ones I really got close to are staying with me.
Sarah, Kaitlyn, Krista, Rachael, Chloe, Anna, & Sophie.
You guys are amazing and I love you so much and I'm so thankful this website allowed me to meet you. Honestly what would I do without you guys? I don't even want to imagine it.
I've had some great times. Like New Year's Eve 2011 which was spent on my facebook specifically for Witty friends.
Even the One Direction apocalypse that infected this place for a while brings up fond memories.
I remember the not-so-fun times like FramingMatthew (RIP) and I took a lot of life-lessons from those situations and I'm glad I had my Witty family with me every step of the way.
Because that's what this place was to me. A second family. A home.
It seems like forever ago and, in a way it is. 
Maybe I'll come back some day. I don't know.
I do know this is goodbye for now. How bittersweet.
Thank you Steve. Thank you friends. Thank you followers. Thank you to everyone who reads this for making two of the hardest years of my life that much easier. I'll never forget any of it, and I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't trade these experiences for all the money in the world.

PS- Steve I can't ever thank you enough for making this website and for putting all this time and effort into it because I know how little we give in return. You created a great place, sorry teenage girls hijacked it. 


blue4453 1 decade ago
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bye :( my best wishes to your future though! :)
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SmileyFacesAreAmazing 1 decade ago
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You've always been one of my favorite wittians, good luck in the future!
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MyWittyProfile 1 decade ago
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good luck with college and the rest of high school .. and life. :)
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seafoam* 1 decade ago
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Your quotes were great. You seem like such a lovely person too. I'll miss you. Good luck in life! Take care. xx
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absent * 1 decade ago
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Good luck in the future. Uhm, your quotes were always so great and you'll be missed! I wish you all the best for whatever life throws at you. ^^
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