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you tell me to "get over him" and "move on"

you tell me to "get over him"
and "move on" but you need 
to understand that he was all
that i had

you need to understand that
i need too much attention
and he was the only guy 
there who gave it to me
even though i was so 
afraid to open up

and even though all of the
attention still wasn't enough
to make me satisfied it was 
still enough to make me fall
in love with him

and it's going to be much harder
to find a guy who i'll be able to
love the same and will
treat me even better



Amenah 9 years ago
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this feels really genuine and reading it made me really sad idk ; A ;
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gab* 9 years ago
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aw haha i'm sorry
it really is how i feel though!
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