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New Text Document 13 November 2014 Maryam Aswad With a body of

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13 November 2014
Maryam Aswad

With a body of steel
armoured with life,
the heart of a lion
with a million hearts within,
the mind of the mathematition
Einestine’s third clone,
The cunning of No-Man
on a quest for his life,

I will scale sky-scrapers
above mountains of snow
fist-fighting Hekatonkheires*
clashing swords with Enyo*
hand in hand with Atropos*, pacing.
Behind me, civilisations fall
by the hands of the Moonlight Hero.

The winged hero stands alone
in the depths of Tartarus
over the crippled body of Oizys*
hair fluttering behind,
a powerful stance,
a silent gaze to silence
the crackling thunder of Zeus.

But alone with white papers, I remain,
content enough to be watching from afar.


Hekatonkheires: the Hundred-Handed Ones, giant gods of violent storms and hurricanes.
Enyo: goddess of destructive war
Atropos: one of the three Fates, the severer of the life thread
Oizys: spirit of woe and misery

(all Greek)

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