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Step away from the screen. Don’t compare yourself to them

Step away from the screen. Don’t compare yourself to them
— it isn’t fair to measure how you feel against what others
choose to show you about their lives. Your work has value. Your
ideas only seem obvious to you. Creativity IS perspective—how
you see the world is unique to you. No, it won’t connect with
everyone, but it will resonate with someone if you allow it to.
What if, instead of believing you aren’t enough, you just decided
you were? Maybe you could be great. Maybe you already are
(you probably are). The world is full enough of people who will
try to shrink you. Why be one of them? You can be your own
worst critic…or your biggest ally. Think about it. Feel that
flicker of light? That's possibility. Maybe you are great.
Yeah, you are. Hold that thought. Store it somewhere
you can return to. Visit often.

Dunja Kovacevic

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