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Realizations of a Yogi ‘Realizations of a Yogi' is

Realizations of a Yogi 
‘Realizations of a Yogi' is not just some theory
It is the life experience of a Yogi
In a Quest for the truth, an account, a testament 
Realizations and experiences that led to Enlightenment
Are you seeking to find the true purpose of life? 
Are you in a quest of a way to be free from strife? 
Then, you have a treasure right in your hand 
That will liberate you from returning to this land
You can get knowledge in any college
But the eternal truth is hard to find
It is a very personal experience that happens 
When one transcends the body, ego and mind
It all starts when you go in a quest 
You put all your beliefs to test
The first thing you must do is unlearn Only then, wisdom of life will you earn
To get to the matter's root
You have to Ask, Investigate and Realize the truth 
And to do this, it's not enough to be an ace
You have to have the Divine grace
A seeker of the truth, who has this passion 
To realize God, if this is his mission
Then in his journey, a Master he will meet 
Who will make his life complete
It's all about finding a Spiritual coach
And for this, you don't search, you don't need to approach 
The Yogi, the Guru will be there waiting
If you are on the path, if you are truly seeking
And then you will start to question every myth
You will overcome your ignorance, and realize the truth 
Whatever you were taught, mostly they were lies
Even that God was someone who lived in the skies
At first, for sure, it will give you a shock
For you to change beliefs, as tough as a rock 
But as you use your intellect to discriminate 
It is on earth you will find heaven's gate
First you will realize, you are not the body, not the mind 
You are not the ego, this truth you will find
And from the triple suffering you will be free on earth 
And learn the way to escape rebirth
For this, you will realize the truth of life and death 
Where you will go when you lose your breath 
You are not the one who is made of bone and skin 
You are that spark of life that is within
You will start living as the Divine Soul
As you attain your ultimate goal
'Realizations of a Yogi' will take you onward 
To Self-Realization that will take you Godward
By questions getting answered, this is how it will begin 
You will overcome ignorance as you go within
Then that Spiritual flash, you will experience one day 
And to your epiphany, you will find the way
I brought nothing here, nothing is mine
There are many Realizations, we must find 
We come alone and we go alone
Then, why in life, should we whine and groan?
The quest will lead us to true happiness A life of true love, peace and bliss
We will be free from worry and stress 
As we overcome all unhappiness
The journey starts with Purification 
And then, there will be Illumination Realization will lead to Liberation Ultimately, there will be Unification
We will realize that this world is just a show 
We are just actors, we come, and we go Everything is an illusion, it is just a drama
And life is unfolding as per our Karma
We will realize that God is not God, God is SIP 
We will not just repeat God's name on our lip
We will experience God in every creature on earth 
Realize that the Lord manifests in every birth
One by one, the truth we will realize
Pieces of the puzzle will open our real eyes
Till one day, we will experience a transformation 
And then, we will be free with Liberation
All this time, we were crawling on earth like a worm Living with beliefs, all lies, we affirmed
Till we learned to untie all the strings
To fly like a beautiful butterfly, opening our wings
This is called a metamorphosis
A transformation that is permanent, no reversal there is 
We let go of the ego, we let go of ‘I’
As we become one with the Power in the sky
But this is not for everybody who lives on earth
Not each one of us can escape rebirth
If we learn from a Yogi, in life we can evolve
If we make this the priority, in the Divine we can dissolve
There will be many who will read this book 
But how many will change their life's outlook? 
How many will go beyond all logic?
To experience Enlightenment, the real magic?
How many will transcend all Karma in life? 
How many will overcome all sorrow and strife? 
How many will give up the ordinary pleasure 
To achieve life's goal, unlock the real treasure?

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