Abuse Quotes

i hate that my brother is a trigger.
you tried to talk about it
once, afterwards.
you named it
and laid down until it was over.
you named it
and you watched people
walk away from you.
you named it
and felt ashamed.

you still said its name.

— t.m.


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   If we had met in another lifetime, I would’ve known which steps to take in life. I would’ve known although he was not my father, it felt the same when his fist collided with my face, when his fingers tore off tufts of my hair. I would’ve known this was not love. I would’ve never called it love in the first place.
Always been you;
written by; Christine Vega (me)

Kept saying
And you got upset...
After you brought up your hand
putting it across my face
NOT out of defense
But to show dominance and power
because you are a "MAN"
I said to you
Please stop! I'll do anything!"
and you called ME
But the pathetic one is YOU
The worthless one is YOU
The broken one is YOU
The weaker one is YOU
t's always been YOU
You only liked my hair long, said I'd look prettier with my hair blonde, and more feminine with my nails done. You didn't like my weight gain and got jealous when I tried to change. You didn't like my clothing choice, you said black looked better, I couldn't go with another, because black showed off my slimmest poise. You could paint a picture so vivid yet you showed no commitment, to us, our future, our family. I spent 3 years trying so hard to be the best for you that I forgot about the best of me. You made me contemplate my fashion choice, my personality, my body, my existence. I was your puppet on a string. You manipulated me, cheated on me, pressured me, belittled me, restrained me, pushed me, punched me, choked me... and still, I tried to be the best me, for you. But when was it going to be enough? I was left with two friends. Both females. Why only two? because YOU didn't like MY friends. Trying to be the best for you became tiring, I was beginning to feel more and more worthless as a human being as time went on. I went seeking comfort in a vulnerable state with a person who has already hurt me in multiple forms, why? for answers. I wanted answers, and he answered them- "The relationship was dull, you were dull." Wow. Talk about a blow to the gut. But then came the apology. "You deserved better than me, you deserve better than him, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are kind, and loving.." and then came "I should have treated you better." Someone was acknowledging my "good" qualities. I fell for it, and there was a kiss, yes, while our relationship was still existing. I did not initiate the kiss, however, it felt good to feel wanted for a moment. And for you, that kiss justified everything you had done to harm me prior to.
I grew up learning
romance is violence.
So when people ask “How do you love?”
I say,

is a door banged shut in anger,
vocal chords rubbing together in fright,
raised voices echoing in the middle of the night
dancing from my room to yours.

is red skin pinched from the thighs,
is clenched fists smacked on a table,
is furniture piled to block the way in,
is an object slammed on purpose so you know I’ll know I’m

is shrugging your hand from my shoulders,
is not texting back,
is throwing your phone against the wall,
is kicking you in your sleep,
is claw marks and bruised knuckles,
is bleeding lips and bitten tongues,
is shoving and pulling,
is a knife unsliced,
is 50 apologies not taken, 50 insults not taken back,
is f.uck yous,
is eye-daggers,
is silence,
is making them cry until they realize they are

—Sade Andria Zabala, Romance Is Violent

Wait. Hold up.
   You're allowed to abuse me and then tell me to take care of myself?

Walk your talk, bruh.
   Get your stuff together.
The man I posted about loving for years, the man who was so sweet, the man who I hadn't yet met but was so immensely in love with, well, we met. I travelled to the other side of the country to be with him in 2012. It was the most irresponsible, stupid thing I have ever done... and at 15 years young.
"Maybe you used to bring bruises and broken teeth to show-and-tell,
But never told because
How can you hold your ground...
...if everyone around you wants to bury you beneath it?"

~Shane Koyczan
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