Ahhhh Quotes

Indeed for other people in a sense I don't exist. I am the color of dead leaves, like certain unnoticed insects.

"You are beautiful no matter how different you are."
- Amber

anyone else falling into a crippling depression and losing their sense of self because of indecision and fear of the unknown lmfao
i'm so confused...

Please tell us no wait assert how "unique" and "different" you are while we're all struggling to find some tiny piece of sanity amidst your self indulgence. 
It's not like we have anything better to do.

(seething sarcasm)

i miss seeing people liike blackbutterflies, jimmy365, butterbear, and chocotaco and like wayyy more ppl on here

where did everyone go :( 

Got to spend Prom with my crush/bestfriend and After Prom with my cousin. Good day. (:
So there is this senior I really like, and he's dated this girl for like almost two years. 
She's a freshman in college now, and the other day she popped in to an after school Model UN meeting with some other alumni.  My senior is president of MUN, so he was there too. It was so awkward between them, even though they haven't totally broken up (it's complicated). At one point, he went  over to the table she was sitting at, and as soon as he sat down there, she got up to go somehwere sit else without even looking at him.  The worst part is, I saw him watch her walk away.  And I swear, my heart shattered.                                                                                                       

So uhmm I like this guy.. if you remember the guy I talked about a long time ago its not him, I moved and I like someone else.. 
I got on here because ya'll give amazing advise...
So ok.. I've liked him since school started (in august) idk how it happened I just know I liked him.. So 1 day we were walking in the hall getting ready to go downstairs... and 'apperantly' we were walking like 2 inches apart...
His friend turned the corner and screamed "OMGARE YOU GUYS DATING" like insanely loud.. Of course my sarcasmist mouth would say "yes totally" (Obviously his heads not on right because no one would date me) anyway the guy I like's friend that screamed that is his best friend..so the guy I like was mouthing shut up.
We skype like all the time and over thanksgiving break we skyped for 4 hours for 3 days straight..
would you say he likes me back??????????????

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