Alcohol Quotes

The Zen master told me "Enlightenment requires a still awareness."  So I learned how to brew moonshine.
Your life is over?  Oh thank God.  For a moment I thought you said your life is sober.
court mandated sobriety for a year? ive already lost 3 more pounds and cut twice. it has been 4 days. eff everything.
when do you stop giving? when do you say enough is enough? is it too much even if suicide is in the picture? is there a boundary for me if a friend continues to kill himself? i cant say goodbye but i have nothing left to offer. i am lost.
when people say stuff like "it's under control"...i just said that the other day. so im quitting for two weeks to prove to myself that i DO have it under control.
me: *picking out all the alcohol I want for my 21st.* me: *doesn't even like alcohol.*
You chug a fifth of alcohol by yourself, and everyone around you is too busy cheering to wonder how empty you had to be in order to do it.
I don't mean for this to be offensive in any way, since i myself, am a christian.
it's just something i've noticed every time i go to church
so don't come bit-ching at me, thanks, bye
Alcohol tastes better than your love.


A drunkard is a dead man
And all dead men are drunk          




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