Bpd Quotes

 And all you do is abuse the fact that I'm always around for you. Waiting for a message, a chance to hang out.

 It's pathetic that i just drop everything for you, but it's never returned.

 The worst part is, I have split so badly that nothing matters anymore. I feel nothing, I can't attach to anyone and nothing feels real. Not even my closest friend.

 Having a favorite person is a literal death sentence.

 What you don't realize is just how badly I've split. I've never felt more alone and isolated from all those I hold dear whilst they move on through life without me just fine.

 I can literally feel myself splitting and pushing people away.

Borderline Personality Disorder

The mental illness that consumes you 
but doesn't define you.


hello, old friend. seems we meet yet again.

im not dead. but im sure not alive either. i need to feel again.
It has a name, the thing that has ruined my life for years. Its called borderline personality disorder and it explains so much. Ive never been more releaved or scared
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