Best Break Quotes Today

Don't break anyboby's heart,
they only have one.

Break their bones,
they have 20

People are like fingers. They are all shapes and sizes. They can be useful. They sometimes get used, and under to much pressure can break.
Losing You
I remeber the warmth of your touch,
and how I use to love you so much.
I will never forget of how you made me feel,
and how your love for me was never real.
I use to dream of you while you were away,
thinking about you all through the day.
I want to run and hide,
from all the pain you caused inside.
How can I possibly move on, 
when someone like you is gone.
The amounts of endless pain,
just playing a pointless game.
Living without you day by day,
remebering how I pleaded for you to stay.
Leaving you beind,
is like the thought of love leaving my mind.
I gave you everything I could give, 
without you I can barley live.
I didn't want it to end,
you were once my closest friend.
you broke my heart, I lost my soul,
now it's time to let you go.


my quote

This is my first poem i'm posting on witty that i wrote! I'm not much of a big writer but I hope you like guys liked it anyways. :D

"I don't get waves of missing you anymore. They are more like tsunami tides in my eyes."
                                                                                   — Ed Sheeran

"We are so scared of people breaking us that we end up breaking ourselves."        -Anonymous




*Breaks into your house in the middle of the night*
Tell me I'm pretty! 


|| but I break


 You always hurt the ones you love,
the ones you shouldn't hurt at all.
You always take the sweetest rose
   and crush it until the petals fall off.
     You always break the kindest hearts
 with a nasty word you can't recall.
 So if I broke your heart last night,
    it's because I love you most of all.

what if..
This time, i dont say hi first?
This time, i dont text you back?
This time,i leave you wondering?
Yeah, what if this time..
You're the one thats left feeling completely screwed over.
I need You to soften my heart
to break me apart
I need You to open my eyes
to see that You're shaping my life

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