Cheater Quotes

“When a sensible quote is adored a lot by many or most people on a person’s INDIVIDUAL social media account, then wondering why it feels usually as if he has either cracked a joke under the guise of a thought or others are just trying to poke fun on him through a deluge of LIKE & COMMENT vote and often both; especially more when the same post has also his own photo on it.”
~Anuj Somany

I may have your heart,
but she has your body.
Cheater Cheater
Where'd you met her
Down at Ernie's Bar?
Did she smile your way
Twirl her hair and say
How cute your dimples are?


How are you gonna cheat on a girl that has been by your side?
How can you still deny when you have been caught with your lies?
You sit and try to think of another way, to get her back to you without her having to walk away.
This was no mistake ; you clearly knew what you were doing.
Your girl sitting clueless while you're with those side chicks scr⭐wng.
To her its all confusing, cause she hasn't seen you and you smell like perfume ; You think of a lie, you got her to believe it too.
Can you see her?
Your girl is in pain ; Fix her heart now before she switches lanes.
This aint a game ; stop being a player.
Yeah your scoring with those h⭐es ; but you wont be winning later.
You're a trader cause you backstabbed love ; You picking up girls while she was putting you first above.
Now push comes to shove ; she left you tonight.
You're crying when you're guilty ; get locked out of love and do your time.
I hope she's doing fine ; she don't need a boy like you.
All she wanted was a man ; and too bad it will never be you.
I was a blushing bride once, my lover standing at the alter
promised me the world and all it had to offer
I guess he promised twice
Cause other girls thought he was nice
nd on our wedding night he used his charms
o make my blushing bridesmaid fall straight into his arms
I'm not a jelous girl, oh no, not I
It's just that I don't share what's mine
So as they slept in a passionate embrace
I took a buthcer's knife to her pretty little face
for my husband, that dirty little
Let's just say I'm a blushing bride once more.
hi my witty girls!
this isn't my real account -- but i didn't want him to know who did this.
the person who i was with for six months, i found out cheated on me with their ex!
me a favor and just text them?
want them to be annoyed more than anything else
thx bbies ;**
People aren't toys,
you can't just drop them
when you get bored.

It's all lies, darling.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

I don't regret meeting yoat all.
I jusregret letting iget this far.

She said she didn't believe in love.                                             
He said he'd prove her wrong.                                                        
She found out he was right,                                                            
and it didn't take too long.                                                              

                                               He said that he was in love with her.
                                                                She knew she loved him too.
                                                 She found him in someone else's bed
                                                     and realized his words weren't true.

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