Crazy Quotes

We all get a little crazy now and then. 

The rest of the time we get big crazies.

every now and then a person comes along who has a different view of the world than does the usual person. Notice I said ‘usual,’ not normal.’ That does not make him crazy. An acute perception does not make you crazy. However, sometimes it drives you crazy.

                                                   —S.E. Hinton

i hate that i get surprised so easily that when just picking at my skin i have to turn off all notifications of any type. drives me crazy(ier)

i go crazy 'cause here 
isn't where i wanna be

Why is she looking at me like i am dumb
Because you are
What dod you just say
You know what i said you spell dod
You are so rude
Ok say that and i say bye
The Unknown
By: Chasitia

It causes fear
It brings curiousity
It makes you tremble
It creates panic
It frustrates you
It makes you believe
It shows threat
It beacons of dispear
It symbolizes evil
It helps you sweat
It sounds of madness
It bestows upon you weakness
It swirls with danger
But what is "IT"?

Nobody knows.
Lost Souls
By: Chasitia

They dance with fear
They have much pain
They stumble and fall
They carry blame
They're stuck here or there
They have nowhere to go
They tread this life
They try so hard
These souls are LOST
They have nowhere to go.
This crazy is

An ex lover,
A neglectful parent,
A small screaming child
A little girl with nowhere to go
A dissease
An illness, 
A condition of the mind, 
A mindset, 
A flaw of carracter
A cage I never tried to escape
A shadow over all the rest,
A blanket to cover up the fear
A murder with no body
A smell of rotten silence
A place I left years ago, 
A past I forgot to forget, 
A meal eaten alone
A dinner served cold
A sick society,
A sick calling from God,
A brilliant novel, 
A poem
 “A person who gets more punishment than prize from most people around him/her for doing or saying things often right , is most likely to be truly bright
and only an upright individual.”

~Anuj Somany

You say I'm crazy
cause you don't think I know what you've done

But when you call me baby
I know I'm not the only one

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