sometimes i want

to tear my heart into little pieces 

just so i know

why you love 

doing it so much


I would be just fine if i didn't think so much. 
I think I need a journal
i live my life through phases of despising myself and loving myself unconditionally. whilst the latter probably seems better in theory, i'm questioning to what extent it makes me happy. whilst i'm feeling good about myself and my appearance, i want others to be loud about how they like me too and often that doesn't happen, which disheartens me and i give up liking myself because no one else does.
I just don't think people understand how something so little can matter so much to someone else
so stop being shallow minded and quick judging
because you're not the only person in this world. 
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

I really need someone to talk to.

I want someone who'll give me advice, not "I'm sorry" or "It's okay, it'll get better." crap. I'm sick of that.

So, please, I just wanna talk and rant to someone.


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You're a song,
I try to sing.
A note,

I cannot hit.

So,  it's  okay  for  you  to  hurt  me
but  I  can't  hurt  myself?


Forever has 7 letters
But so does Goodbye.

So I really want my heart back so I could give it to others but you kinda have it.

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