Fall Quotes

Avril Lavigne
Fall to Pieces
You're the only one I'll be with till the end
When I come undone, you bring me back again
Back under the stars, back into your arms

we're gonna rise till we fall

Fall will forever be my favorite season.
The beautiful colors of the leaves up in the trees waiting to fall to the ground.
he carved pumpkins lit up at night.
The smell of crisp apples and cinnamon filling the air of the house.
Cold nights and football games.

Passing out candy to the little ones who race around the neighborhood
trying to see who can get the most candy by the end of the night.

Fall is just so peaceful and quiet
and full of just so many beautiful colors and memories
This is Halloween
it's weird how i get high on past feelings...i recreate the moments. the music, the smells, the weather...all combined remind me of certain times...im high and peaceful...content...all day. with each reversion back to reality another layer is stripped of the memory...but a switch of the track, a refresher of the scent, a change in the wind...brings me back to the happy place...and i dont want to leave...

every now and then i fall apart 

only fools
for you

I thought I loved you,
but it was just how you looked in the light

set me free
leave me be
i don't want to fall another moment
into your gravity

say what you wanna say
and let the words fall out

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