Fivesecondrule Quotes

Me: *drops a cracker*
Germs: *swarm in from their positions on the floor, raising spears and yelling a blood-chilling battle cry*
King Germ: Wait!
Germs: *halt in a small circle around their victim*
King Germ: We must heed the ancient laws of the gods. No one attack for five seconds.
*drops food on floor*
germs: go get it! quick!
king germ: no.. we must wait 5 seconds.. it is the rule

*food drops on floor*

king germ: LET'S GO GET IT!!!!!!!!
little germs: But don't we wait 5 seconds?
king germ:
king germ: nah.
king germ: we gonna make that person sick
king germ: that's what we're going to do.
king germ: yep.
king germ: *nods*

me: *drops food on the floor*
germs: hey, food, let's go get it.
king germ: wait.
king germ: we must wait 5 seconds.
king germ: it is the rule.

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