Funny Quotes

Every bra is a sports bra - the only difference is the sport.
A little dangering is a learneous thing.

i'm falling
in love again

I'm not the least bit surprised that machines have become sentient. Everything gets its own fragrance nowadays.
Was ignorance supposed to know bounds???
According to new research, the number of people who identify as transgender is growing.

Transgender as percent of population (2013): 0.6%

Transgender as percent of population (2023): 0.6%

... Clearly, the 0 and 6 are getting bigger.

I looked up the word 'plebeian.' It basically means someone who looks up the word 'plebeian.'
A vending machine factory is a meta vending machine.
Sooner or later, we all quote our mothers.
– Bernard Williams
– My mother

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