Homealone Quotes

Right now, I'm home alone,
and all I'm doing is blasting riot grrrl in my computer speakers
and stalking my sister's Tumblr.


To me, being home alone means blasting Broadway showtunes and old rock music and singing along without a care in the world.

Dropping An Ice-Cube On The Floor, So You Just Kick It Under The Fridge.
Having A Pet In The House Is Good,So You Can Blame All The Suspicious Sounds You Hear On It.
*BANG* What Was That....?! It Was Just The Fish.
Dear creepy noises,
ts funny how you go away when my parents are back.
Sincerely, home alone.
Home alone =
lets sing and fart and eat and sleep and cry and look out the window like the paranoid little 5 year-old you are

how come santa can watch kids sleep and it’s ok but when i do it they scream and call the cops? fkin kids

Merry X-mas

you filthy animal!

Merry Christmas
ya filthy animal

I'm starting
to really
Understand Jack
Barakat's obsession
With the
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