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what do you do when you dont really feel like a person anymore but everyone still perceives you? when nothing around you even feels real and your memories all scatter until you dont know what is even real and what is the dream world? everything that felt so vivid could never have been real and everything that you forget are the ones that are worth remembering. how do you manage to do everything that you just do when you arent a person anymore. just a shell with nothing left of you but shame, and love. so much love.
*when my quote shows up at the top* ._.
I was happy when everyone remembered 😊
I was wondering if a day could really be special but it already is (=.
If you see this say heya! 
Sometimes, when you don't know where to start... You just have to do it anyways and hope for the best 

I use to be able to say that
you'd never see me smile
in pictures. But today.

You're the reason why. 

Well, this website is depressing now...
I can't help but wonder why
I can remain only looking at your face and feeling only your body, for the rest of my life, never even being attracted to another man. 
But why you can't go a few seconds without having thoughts about other women. You think I don't hear you talk about her. You think I don't see what you're looking at while you sit right next to me. 
But I do, and i know it's silly but it hurts. 

You'll probably think back
once karma comes around

to kick you in the àss

Shout out to my meds for making me sleep al the time so I don't have to feel the pain.

Does anyone else remember when people used to write stories on Witty? That was why I made my first Witty account in 2012. Me and my two online friends used to write stories and create our own characters and then ask each other for feedback. It was so fun.

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