Life Quotes

“His nakedness makes me conscious of my nakedness. He’s too close even though he’s not. When his eyes linger on my bare shoulder, I feel as if the water has suddenly gone cold. I don’t want to feel this, but I do. I’m conscious of my eyes settling at various parts of his body. I want to look away, look at his eyes or something, but I can’t. It roves on his body like I’m roadside lover. “
It feels like a homecoming to visit witty, member since 2014. its been a decade and witty knows every bit of me.
Every bra is a sports bra - the only difference is the sport.
A little dangering is a learneous thing.

Selective blurring, but for real life.
Every man’s a Sitzpinkler if he has to take a Scheiße.
‘Safeword’ is a contradiction in terms.
Learn to recognize those who are thin-skinned. And even more importantly, those who are thick-exoskeletoned.
Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing – but acknowledge their shearing, spinning and sewing skills.
In our salad days, a lot of us just eat the croutons.
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