Love Quotes

i still pray for you.
i still have hope for you.
even if i shouldn't,
i still want you.
you always come back to me
i want you to lock eyes with me   +   tell it to me straight.
it's okay if you smile, but i just need to hear it from you.
otherwise this all doesn't matter.
would have all just been another one of those things.
i never want to lose you,
i never want to lose touch.
i never want to ignore you or awkwardly walk past.
i think that would break me,
so i don't like to think about it too much.

i think i understand you better than myself.
i think i love you more than anything else.

i want someone who i'm sure of.
i want him to be certain too.
i believe true love should be effortless.
“His nakedness makes me conscious of my nakedness. He’s too close even though he’s not. When his eyes linger on my bare shoulder, I feel as if the water has suddenly gone cold. I don’t want to feel this, but I do. I’m conscious of my eyes settling at various parts of his body. I want to look away, look at his eyes or something, but I can’t. It roves on his body like I’m roadside lover. “
It feels like a homecoming to visit witty, member since 2014. its been a decade and witty knows every bit of me.

At the end of the day i'm the one
you text when you're in hospital.
I'm the one you stay back hours for. I'm the one you text during the day, at night, midnight and when the sun rises. I make you laugh and match your  meme energy.

I'm the first one who showed interest in your journey to GOD. THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE EMBARASSING. i'M THE ONE WHO TRIED TO SUPPORT YOU WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.



it feels like i'm just standing still and
watering a flowing stream.

i don't see the point cause there is no point.
yet here i am.

it's like i'm setting myself up
for the biggest fall of my life.
i know myself,


he's too cute.
his eyes, smile, laugh.
i like it all.

But i know how it would end.

so here i am.

Alex would say something to calm me down 
no one will know me like he did. 
Eli would distract me with a show or song 
no one will make me smile like he did. 
David would tell me shut up.
no one says it like him. 
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