Mad Quotes

Who are YOU to tell ME how I should and should not feel?

It is me living though my experience

you are living through your own

Don't be stressing a girls weight..

Guys these days want a girl with a "super hot body" ;
When they dont look good themselves, looking
like no type of hottie.
Beautiful people everywhere & they're all around me.
Guys stay stressing a girls weight when they're looking
all scrawny.
Why should feelings get hurt? God made them in a beautiful
Why so quick to criticize? ; Always picking on their weight.
No a$s, no b0obs ; it that what you aim?
Not every girl has what ya'll want ; so don't bring tears down their
Man the f-ck up! Personality counts too.
You'll be surprised how quickly a girl can make you fall
in-love without having an a$s or b0obs.
We speak before we think, go ahead and step in their shoes.
How would you like being called "too fat" or "too ugly"
when the girl you like
is saying that to YOU?
Are you serious? ; you're still wanting him? While theres another guy who really loves you & wont treat you like sh-t. He has broken girls hearts & quickly moves on to the next ; he hits you up & steals your heart wit ha simple text. While the other guy tries hard to just get your attention ; you leave him wondering as his heart breaks in two different sections. You cry cuz you get jealous cuz of the girls he's with ; while the other guy tries cheering you up but you dnt even listen to him. This is your fault for feeling so hurt ; you choose the bad guys quick with out thinking it first. You left the other guy who would treat you like a Queen ; for a guy who cant even hold one heart to keep. Its time to relocate your heart to someone that wont hurt you ; especially not to somone who doesnt even deserve you.

scared to death
no reason why

do whatever
to get me by

you asked me if i was mad
darling flames ignited in he//ll
and lightning struck the earth
each time i thought of you
but i shook my head no anyway


please don't be mad with me
I       have       no       identity

all   that   I've   known   is   gone
all      I      was      building     on


All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for the daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere

when you handmake very complex cupcakes and they actually look good, and then your ex friend goes out and buys a store bought mix and a tub of icing and puts it all together (it is literally the saddest cupcake I've ever seen. it is flat and icing is like dabbed on.) and she acting like she should be the next cake boss. like, guys, I have made cupcakes in a graham cracker crust. that is a huge deal. graham cracker crust, chocolate cake batter, marshmallow frosting, stuffed with marshmallow creme. I handmade smores cupcakes. her idea of going outside of the box is getting a box of funfetti.
I can't log into my account o.o
xXChaos_QueenXx :I
Someone guessed my password and they're not sending me any emails to reset my code.
So... basically.. I got hacked? Ugh, fml man -_-
You can be Alice,
I'll be the mad hatter.
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