Mexican Quotes

Liking a boy... Thinking he's Mexican... Finding out he's Puerto Rican... o.O Dafuq is wrong with you people?? Jk...

So you just assume that since im sleeping, that you should unplug my computer cause I dont need it at that point in time?
Next time you go eat mexican food I'm going to assume you dont need the toilets and disassemble them. 
The closest I've ever got to a Mexican is a packet of Doritos.

My spirit animal is a cat with a bag stuck on it's head

Cheesy Mexican love quotes #1

I propose to you, that we love each other.
Me at a party: is there wifi

Me at the store: is there wifi

Me giving birth: does she have wifi

Me in a car ride: is there wifi

Me eating: does the calories of this happy meal have wifi

Me at school: is there wifi

Me in hell: is there wifi

"I kissed the scars on her skin, I still think you're beautiful, and I don't ever want to lose my best friend" ~ Pierce the Veil
Parents: get over your obsession with Pierce the Veil
Me: no, amigo, no

Surving la chancla...

Please don't take these to serious. i'm mexican and i just want to see if there is mexicans here on witty cuase i feel alone and i wanna relate? Dont take these  offensive.. Should i keep going?

Me: *See a picture of a family on a bag of chips*
Me: Mom, how does this family represent tortila chips?
Me: They aren't even Mexican!

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