Parents Quotes

All parents damage their children. It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair.

                                                            —Mitch Albom

I know that in some ways, 
I've disappointed you
And that's why I can't ask you for help anymore. 
You always made me feel stupid, 
you always made me think I could've done better. 
You always told me not to cry,
you said it isn't pretty. 
I know that you're disappointed in me
because I wanted to know who my mother was. 
But just know that, 
I'm disappointed in you, too
For keeping me from finding out. 
What do you do when you think your parent could be cheating?
A lot of people feel like they’re victims in life, and they’ll often point to past events, perhaps growing up with an abusive parent or in a dysfunctional family. Most psychologists believe that about 85 percent of families are dysfunctional, so all of a sudden you’re not so unique. My parents were alcoholics. My dad abused me. My mother divorced him when I was six…I mean, that’s almost everybody’s story in some form or not. The real question is, what are you going to do now? What do you choose now? Because you can either keep focusing on that, or you can focus on what you want. And when people start focusing on what they want, what they don’t want falls away, and what they want expands, and the other part disappears.

‘The Secret’ | Rhonda Byrne


Day 5 of my parents being gone and I don't know how I feel about it. How will I feel about it in a month? In 2 months? It's just such a weird thought...

but speaking from
experience, if your parents are constantly telling you something is off about that boy or girl you brought home, you should probably pay more heed to their words than an eye roll or flippant “you just don't want me to grow up”. They know. Their keen judgment is like a sixth sense. None of the subtlest warning signs that you've been too carelessly infatuated to see have escaped their notice. Nine out of ten times they aren't saying your new friend is giving off toxic vibes out of jealousy or selfishness or pure spite; they've sensed something sinister beneath the smile and manners, and they're telling you for your sake. Not so they can ruin your life and keep you all to themselves and ensure you don't get any. They only want to protect and guide you, and they deserve more credit for their efforts than condescending disbelief and disregard. Take their well-intentioned advice into consideration now, and you could possibly spare yourself a world of disappointment and hurt later. I've learned ‘mother knows best’ the hard way.

Used to steal your parents' liquor
and climb to the roof
Talk about our future
like we had a clue
Never planned that one day
I'd be losing you


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become an adult is when you
BeIn JusT as FLaweD
as everYone eLse.
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They mess you up, your mom and dadthey may not mean to but they do they fill you with the faults they had and add some extra just for you. 
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never thought that when I was
oLDeR, i'D FiGHT YouR waRs.

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