Best Perfect Quotes This Month

How to Ask Someone Out

Step 1: Bump into the person you fancy. Then drop your belongings and yell "YOU WANNA GO?!"
Step 2: Continuing yelling until the other person responds to something similar to "THEN LETS GO"
Step 3: Lightly push each other around a bit. **This fighting also give you the tiny opportunity to touch their chest**
Step 4: Yell "YOU WANNA GO-" then get down on one knee, hold their hand and end with "OUT?!"
Step 5: Success! If this doesn't succeed, honey they are not worth it

-  Are you an angel?

-  No, why?

- Well my mum told me that those who have marked wrists are angels.

- I'm not an angel though.

- Of course you are. Mum said that only angels harm theirselves
because they don't like life on earth. This world is destroying
them so they try to return back home in heaven. They are too
sensitive to the pain of others and their own.

- You know, your mum is very wise.

- Thank you, she is also an angel but she has already returned home.


The most comfortable place
in the world

is me and you,
my head on your chest,
feeling it rise and fall
and listening to your heartbeat,
your arms wrapped around me,
holding me so tight...


Teacher: Okay, everyone get out a pen.
Me: I only write in pencil.
Teacher: But you have to use a pen for this assignment.
Me: I use pencils because pens are only for perfect people.
Teacher: ...That was deep bro.

For a kiss to be really good,
you want it to mean something…
to be with someone you can't get out of your head,
so when your lips finally touch
you feel it everywhere.
A kiss so hot and so deep that you never want to come for air.
You can't CHEAT your first kiss.
You dont want to.
Trust me.
When you find the right person for your first kiss,
it’s everything.


That awesome moment
When your scrolling through the quotes
And you come across one that explains exactly how you feel
It's so perfect
And then you realize that one person understands what you're going through
It's a great feeling knowing your not alone

Stop telling me there is someone in this world that is perfect for me
because you and I both know that they probably live in Poland or Uganda and I'll never meet them.

           You say you want to die but,
            you still put that seat belt on
          and look both ways when you cross the road

         you lock your windows and doors 
          you would scream if someone was following you at night

          you would run for your life

         you don't really want to die

         you just want to die on your own terms.


I Wish I Wasn't So Insecure..
I Wish I Was Pretty..
I Wish I Was Skinny..
I Wish I Had Lovely Long Hair..
I Wish I Was Taller..
I Wish I Had Flawless Skin..
I Just Wish I Was Happy With Myself.. 
Maybe Then, I Would Be Confident, I Could Maybe Smile Properly..
And Maybe, Just Maybe He Might Like Me.. 


If you're "skinny" thats ok (◠‿◠✿)
as long as you're happy and healthy
If you're "fat" thats ok  (◠‿◠✿)
as long as you're happy and healthy

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