Pointless Quotes

You're not afraid of the dark
You're afraid of what lurks in it,
What is unseen.
You are afraid of your own imagination
I finally got an iphone 6. I was super stoked, but now I'm kinda disappointed. idk, it's smaller than my current phone, so it's super hard to get used to. and like can someone please tell me if there is a way to change the scrolling? like if I swoosh on my phone, I can scroll to the end of the page in like .02 seconds. on the iphone? it takes like 20 swooshes to make a dent. it's rather annoying.

"So you guys have been hanging out a lot lately."


"Do you like him?"


"No, I mean, like..."


"Are you interested in him?"

"He's interesting, sure."

"You know what I mean."

"I'm not romantically interested in him, no."

Twenty-one footsteps.

"All right, will you be honest with me?"




"Are you a lesbian?"


"You know I'd still love you were."

"I'd hope so."

"I would."

"I'm not."

"You've never admitted to liking a guy."

"I like plenty of guys."

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah, okay."

Fifteen footsteps.

"So you can honestly tell me you're not interested in him at all?"


"Not at all?"


"At all."


"You're so weird."

"Yeah, I guess," eeked out, with just a hint of resignation, between shrugged shoulders.

Am I the only one who gets excited when
using new shampoo and conditioner?
Mindless Excerpt #1

She walked along the beach, under the gray cover of the sky. The ocean looked equally as murky and unsettled as the sky did.
Thunder rumbled, and a bright flash of lightening streaked across the afternoon gloom. Her feet were freezing from the touch
of the ocean foam, but something about it made her feel less numb, so she couldn't bring herself to move. She huddled close
to the assortment of dull boulders sprinkled about the base of the cliff, as she picked her way towards the sea. There was no rain--not yet,
but waiting made her restless. She inched around a jagged rock, damp sand clinging to the bottoms of her feet, and at last
found herself collapsing at the waters edge. Still, it receeded away from her, into itself, as if repulsed.
There was something lonely in the gesture she made next--something desperate. She dragged herself forward on hands
and knees towards the cold, unwanting waters. She left prints in the sand.
It wasn't anything. At least, it almost wasn't. To her though, it was everything. Because the water coiled in on itself like a snake
readying to spring, and then it washed forward, and she couldn't have been happier to find relief and acceptance--finally.
Even as it made her skin burn with the cold, it felt better than her aching heart.
Congratulations, you lost me. I'm tired of waiting for something that may never happen.
1. Do you sleep in your bra? No
2. Do you like noodles? Yeah
3. Do you enjoy drama? No way -.-
4. Are you a girly girl? Ha no
5. Small or large purses? If you mean bags then large
6. Are you short? Haha... Yeah :/
7. Do you like somebody? Yep
8. Do you care if your socks are dirty? Random, not really
9. Do you like Halloween? No -.-
10. Favourite time of year? Summer :D
11. Where is the weirdest place you've slept? Erm... On the sofa... I dont know
12. Has anyone touched/smaked your butt in the last 24 hours? Why do you need to know? Lol
13. Are there any rumours going round about you? Haha yeah :P

Be Honest

1. What is the colour bra your wear? Purple...
2. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys? Either
3. Longest relationship? 2 years
4. Do you have a best friend? Yep :)
5. Have you had your heart broken? No
6. Have you ever thought of cometic surgery? Ermm no
7. Do you like your life? I guess
8. Have you ever jumped in a pool with your clothes on? Yep
9. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys? Boys
10. How long have you had Facebook? Since 2011
11. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face? Yeah
12. What are your biggest fears? Needles, the underground & scorpians
13. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Hasnt everyone...
14. Have you ever not been able to get someone off your mind? Yep
15. Do you believe in the saying "once a cheat always a cheat"? I dont care.
16. Have you ever had a good feeling about something? Probably
17. DO you ever wish you were famous? No
18. Are you currently missing someone? Yeah
19. What are you doing right now? Erm.. Doing this...
20. Cowboy or gangster? How about niether...
21. Face or body? Both...?
22. Sweet or sexy? Both
23. Contacts or glasses? Contacts


1. Eyeliner or mascara? Both
2. Pink or black? Black
3. Pumps or flats? Flats
4. Skirts or trousers? Trousers
5. Socks or leggings? Both
6. Hoodies or jackets? Jackets
7. Heels or sneakers? Niether lol, I like my heels but I like boots mostly.
8. Straight or curly hair? Both
9. White or black? Both
10. Smoothies or lattes? Smoothies
11. Diest or regular soda? Cant have any
12. Water or daiquiris? Water... what the hell is daiquiris??
13. Pearls or diamonds? Diamonds
14. iPod or cell phone? iPod, it doesnt send me stupid texts :')
15. Friends or family? Certains member of my family
16. Lip gloss or lip stick? How about lip balm? :')
17. Manicure or pedicures? Manicures
18. Tank tops or beaters? None
19. Big sunglasses or small? Big
20. Sunglasses or purses? My bag

In a Guy

1. Funny or serious? Both
2. Romantic or daredevil? Both
3. Dark eyes or light eyes? Any :)
4. Long hair or short? Long! (but not too long)
5. Curly hair or straight? Straight
6. Hockey player or football? Hockey

Why cause drama when it hurts everyone else.
Why give in to others.
Why bother caring about what others think.
Why bother worrying.
Why over react.

Why bother caring period...
“It’s all so pointless. We kill them, and they kill us, so we kill more of them, so they kill more of us. What’s the point anymore?” – Gaius Baltar
Stupid, pointless drama -_- So sick of it ... Before you judge and start drama, make sure you know the whole story first ..
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