Problems Quotes

There are worse places to have a monkey than on your back.
If, by 'about,' you mean 'in a circle around,' then yes, we're doing something about the problem.
Some people get a monkey off their back in order to make room for an elephant.

To me, 'problem' is just another word for opportunity.  Plus, 'problem' is easier to say.
There's no pancreas for the world's problems.

... What?  It's 'panacea?'

That too.

Gazing up at the stars at night, I realize how small and insignificant my problems aren't. – Galactic Emperor Palpatine
I'm no longer flirting with disaster – disaster and I are now formally engaged. 
Never run away from a problem.  If confronted by a problem, wave your arms and yell loudly.  If this doesn't succeed in scaring off the problem, immediately go limp and play dead.
She told me she would fix all my problems.  Sure enough, my problems are now good as new. 
"A female is usually good as a daughter but rarely good as a wife." Anuj Somany
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