Quote Quotes

"Reach For The Stars And Never Let Go."
Sooner or later, we all quote our mothers.
– Bernard Williams
– My mother

"Be The Lucky Star That Shines Through The Darkest Night."
"Keep The Spotlight Shining On Me."

 All I ever will be an an object of desire, until you actually acquire me. Then you see my soul is a heavy bourden to bare, one which none desire when it's 4am and the world is a little bit too heavy.
No, unless it's the 4am where you crave my body and I willingly give myself to you in the only way you'll have me, you don't desire it.


I am drowing in close proximity to the land I beg for
And all the other stuff seems so much like nothing;
Compared to just wanting the most important things back again.
Don't let negative thoughts win!
i'm just crying all of the time now
and my anxiety makes it very difficult to breathe
i feel as if i am dying
make it stop
Some day I dream to walk along side you instead of in your footsteps.
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