Sad Quotes

I should sleep 
I should run 
I'm not okay 
Alex would say something to calm me down 
no one will know me like he did. 
Eli would distract me with a show or song 
no one will make me smile like he did. 
David would tell me shut up.
no one says it like him. 
you pushed for so much 
and when i can finally give it.
you stop pushing. 
so i push  
and you avoid.
I only knew them..
I don't know how to do this without them.
I wonder if i can ever forgive myself

wow i cant believe people still post on this website. i remember like 15 years ago you could click refresh and see a hundred new posts. now its like a ghost town. its crazy we all just grow up and move on. i wish i could go back to being a kid 😭

Please tell me I'm not as forgettable as your silence is making me feel. 

 All I ever will be an an object of desire, until you actually acquire me. Then you see my soul is a heavy bourden to bare, one which none desire when it's 4am and the world is a little bit too heavy.
No, unless it's the 4am where you crave my body and I willingly give myself to you in the only way you'll have me, you don't desire it.


Happy memories aren't happy anymore
But I'm also making new ones.
I am drowing in close proximity to the land I beg for
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