Best Selfharm Quotes Ever

honestly, i understand why people say cutting is attention seeking. if you cut on your wrists or hands, you are cutting in a very visible place where people can easily see it unless you go out of your way to cover it up. i think it means that a bit of you wants someone to see it, that you want them to realise that you're not okay.


Happy self harm awareness day.
Remember that I love you. 

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will make me rip, tear, cut,
starve, and burn my flesh away.

He looks into her sad eyes,
he sees her shaking hands;
he spies the scars that litter
her wrists, and he sees the
smile that seems a little too
forced; but he still looks at
her and whispers:

"she's still a princess."


Sliding sharpened blades across your skin,
Because it always knows just the way,

To stop the pain.

When was the last time
you heard a love story
about a girl and a boy,
and they both had scars
on their wrists?

When was the last time
you heard a love story 
about a girl and a boy
who gave each other
a reason to live?



One night, I may just 
say goodbye instead of
good night; one  night,
tomorrow may never



Rarely do you 
see an adult walking
around with scars
littering their body;

now is it because
they were a happier

Or, maybe,
it's because
most of us
just don't
make it
that far.



My sister saw the cuts on my wrist and didn't say anything but "what happened?" I said it was nothing. Yesterday she got mad at me, and she used my cuts as a threat. As a threat? Really!? She really doesn't even care.
I slit my wrists so i don't slit my throat
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