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I do like 20-30 mimutes a day on an elliptical (unless someone is home. then no thank you.) depending on what time I finally get around to doing it, what I ate, the resistence, etc. and yeah it's hard, but it's supposed to be. and I can do 30 minutes of that. as a fattie. and it gives me great joy that I can do that. and that the non-fattie people in my house, that like to make me feel like crap for being a fattie, are dead and can't hit 5 minutes (even with 0 resistence.)
You never really know how much you needed someone...until they are gone. If they come back cherish them forever.
Yesterday- December 23- my sister, her husband, and their two kids (the eldest being 6 and the youngest only 4) went out to eat. Just as they were asking for their check, because it never came, the waitress told them someone had already paid for their meals and that she couldn't say who it was because she was forbade too, but that the mystery person said they just wanted to spread the Christmas Cheer. 

This gave me hope for humanity...
biggest mistake of my life: sharing a bathroom with my brother

just kidding
but seriously
Sharing is caring but I don't care.
Sharing is caring but I don't care.
You are beautiful.
The simple fact that you are a Wittian proves that.
You have thoughts, that you enjoy sharing with friends.
You love knowing your Wittian friends.
You have so much to share.
All that, and more, makes you beautiful.
If your're mine
Your only mine
I dont like sharing 

Today on a billboard I saw this sign:

1 in six people don't have enough food.

and 5 in six people can help.

Millions of memories,
Thousands of jokes,
Hundreds of secrets,
all shared between the four best of friends. 
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