Sigh Quotes

maybe it's time for me to start apologizing to the world for always wanting more than it can offer me.


You can't break if you're already broken. But d@mn, those pieces can still shatter.

I think I need a journal
What do you do when neither your heart nor your brain are telling you anything? Because I know I need to do something different, but neither one is telling me what, how, or when....
[01:38] <Guest9997> i feel alone
[01:38] <Guest9997> even with the embrace of music
[01:38] <Guest9997> it isn't as soft or warm as the embrace of a person
[01:39] <Guest9997> i don't miss her, she wasn't good for me
[01:39] <Guest9997> but i miss the cuddling
[01:39] <Guest9997> and the cheering
[01:39] <Guest9997> and the support
[01:39] <Guest9997> and the closeness
[01:40] <Guest9997> the concept of having a built in best friend and constant supporter at all times
[01:40] <Guest9997> what a nice conept
[01:41] <Guest9997> no one understands my depth, nor do they attempt to understand
[01:41] <Guest9997> and because of it i am lonely

 [01:43] <Guest9997> why must i be so restless
 [01:43] <Guest9997> no amount of attention or love will calm me
 [01:43] <Guest9997> i have only myself to rely on
[01:44] <Guest9997> and I am unreliable.

     sometimes i beat DEAD HORSES
in hopes of bringing them


even though you swear it has                                                                                                           nothing to do with me, i'm still
                                                                           going to think that it was at                                                                                                             least  somewhat my fault.


As humans we ruin everything we touch, including each other
Please stop using "OCD" as an adjective. I feel as though my mental illness is being belittled every single time.
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