Best Story Quotes This Month

Today in school,
someone asked me why I would voulantarily spend extra time writing. My response was:
"This world sucks, so I created my own."



My dad: *Screaming from across the house* ARE YOU WATCHING THE SUPERBOWL?!
Me: No.
Dad: WHAT?!
Dad: *Walks into my room* You don't have to yell, gosh. Why aren't you watching it?
Me: My team didn't make it and I have better things to do
Dad: So what are you watching?
Me: High School Musical
Dad: Aren't you a little old for that?
Me: No, I'm never to old to watch Zac Efron sing and dance.
Me: He's hot.
Dad: Yeah, he is.
Me: Dude, you're old.
Me: And married..
Dad: I'm just kidding. I was hotter than him. I was smokin' hot, I had babes all over me.
Me: Sure.
Dad: Seriously, he's uglaaay
Me: No!
Me: Get out, you are not my father.
Me: Zac Efron please come join me in my room, hot stuff.
You are so weird and I'm missing the game. Buh-bye. *Walks out*
Dad: *Pokes head back in* I was still smokin' hot. Ask your mom
Abort mission. I repeat abort mission. Code red.
So, I was sitting at lunch and it was the lunch that's extremely crowded and you're forced to sit at a table with your friends and people you've never talked to in your life.
So, besides my friends, there were one or two junior guys also sitting at the table, because the one next to them was too full. One was sitting in the seat directly across from the one next to me. He looked at me and said Hale a few times. I have never talked to this kid in my life. I've never even seen him before. The only people who call me that are on this website.
Guys, this is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.
How roll call will go in the future:

Teacher: Welcome to class students! Please say 'here' when I call your name.
Teacher: Albus
Albus: Here!
Teacher: Doctor
Doctor: Oh, yes, um, hello. I can't talk at the moment, time's gone wibbly. Probably leave a message at the tone or something.
Teacher: Um... okay? Hermione
Hermione: Yes, I'm here! And when's our first test? I've been studying all Summer and-
Red-headed boy in class: Oh my god, Hermione, shut up!
Teacher: And you must be Ron! Okay then, Primrose
Primrose: Here
Random girl in back of class: I VOLUNTEER!!!
Teacher: And I see Katniss has made it today as well, welcome.
Blonde boy: Katniss is here?! Yes! Her Katniss, try this bread I baked this morning!
Brunette boy: Oh, you'd better keep your hands off her! She's my best friend! We go hunting together!
Teacher: Peeta! Gale! Stop fighting over Katniss and sit down.
Teacher: Rory
Doctor: Oh, Rory died yesterday, ma'am. But he should be back again tomorrow.
Teacher: Oh...kay? And lastly, Draco.
Draco: I'm LAST?! My father will hear about this!

I wonder if clouds ever look
down on us and say "Hey look, that one is shaped like an idiot".


HA HA HA guuuuys I just got reported and blocked on Facebook.
It's actually quite funny, so let me tell you. A girl I go to school with posted a picture of her in a bikini doing the duck lips and peace sign saying "getting tan" actually she wasn't tan she's burnt af. Anyway, that bikini is 5x too small... So I commented "The camel called, he wants his toe back." She didn't like that too well uh ohhhh we've got an angry dorito on the loose guys.


Whatt if I ever do get a boyfriend?
I wouldn't know what to do
What do they eat?
How often do they need to be walked?


Unless you physically see me
opening a tampon, don't just assume that because I'm angry, I'm on my period because that's just annoying and tonight when you're sleeping, I will "just assume" you are dead and bury you in the backyard.



You hear a noise.
It's a soft clink followed by footsteps in your yard. You spring to your feet, and race to the door. Flinging it open wide, you race to your backyard. There, you see one thing, and one thing only: a spilled milkshake. Happy tears fill your eyes as you gingerly pick up the milkshake. The wind blows your hair back as you stare off into the sunset and whisper softly to yourself: The boys were here.

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