Sucks Quotes

oh man.. it sucks cause i actaully like you.

My biggest fear is that he'll replace me with someone else.
Cold sweats are the worst.
yesterday was so horrible. like I walk in and get yelled at at work for literally no reason.. twice. then my one customer is my ex boyfriends dad. and it's not a quick in and out. its a "I want 4 packs of this and 4 packs of that.. and I want to cash in this lotto ticket for more lotto tickets but you gotta wait for me to pick them out." and as soon as he left, my crush that I've been trying to woo on snapchat walks in. and I was already too flustered to think of anything to say so I kinda rushed and it was all just BAD.
I think it's bulls.hit when employers can't be bothered to let someone know that they didn't get a job. like all you have to do is send an email that says no thanks. it's not that hard. if you reviwed the application it's as easy as copy and pasting some generic rejection letter. don't pull that "don't contact us, we'll get ahold of you if we're interested" bulls.hit and just let them assume they didn't get the job after waiting for however long.

Please help me get my sore throat to be a bit worse. I already stayed home sick today, and tomorrow is Friday so I don't want to go to school. I know it seems stupid but we've all done it. Also, any techniques to get a swollen throat too. Please help & don't judge :)

You know you've done it (or will in the future)
my mom gets drunk and then goes off on a long tangent about me being r.aped. I wish she would stop it, honestly. I don't like knowing I'm part of the reason why she drinks.
highly Depressed + living in a Dysfunctional family + Grades dropping + a Muslim living among non religoius Muslims + Weird and Awkward + a Girl + not good at Anything.

I hate Math. I despise the day it as created. I wish it was gone.

Math to me:


This is hurting more than it should 
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