True Quotes

test a mans true character give him power and see what he does with it
My concept of love is consideration
If you wouldn't invite them to your birthday party, does it really matter what they think of you?
"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every dayday."
-A. A. Milne

It's a feeling
That there is no way
I already tried to fool myself
I did everything to forget
But the truth is that I only know how to love

Not everyone is going to stay forever, and we still have to keep on going and thank them for what they’ve given us.


you can't let the good comments define you because then you'll let the bad ones define you too. 

the night is dark and long but the Aurora is close, you can feel the breeze as you forget my voice, broken words that come from an angel that was salve and witness of a bad role, to fire and magic I turn this is my end  I give thanks to all the support in a cold world I am happy with what I got only God knows what is next salve and witness
I am not a devil i don't want your body... just your heart and soul im a god babydoll
~Everybody talks about the difference of Your and You're~
~And There, They're and Their~
~ Yet, I bet no one knows the difference between Who's, Whose, and Whom.~
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