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i am fcking gold but you prefer
silver and that's okay.

Why I like witty? cause i can say how I really feel about people and people not knowing who I am talking about or who I am.
4 years later.

the last time I was on this website and posted a quote, i was 18.
i randomly thought about his website and somehow remembered my name and password.
i went through and read all of my old quotes, majority about heartbreak and lost love.
at 18 that was all i knew, and i feel so sorry for my old self.

i am now 23 years old, have a full time job, a loving boyfriend who i plan to marry, my own place to live, my own bills... my own life.

i cant stress enough how important it is to make your own choices based on your own happiness.
i travel, go to concerts, meet new people, spend more time on twitter than i should ( @just_aubrey_ ), love hard and work hard. my life is better than i ever imagined possible at 18.

so please, to anyone that still uses witty that is having a rough time growing up, know that it gets better. it really does. and it will be so much more than you could imagine.



Brad Simpson followed me!!!

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College is weird. Like youre allowed to show your shoulders and somehow male students are still able to learn???
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