Wifi Quotes

My children obey me.  I pay for their wi-fi.  - h'vn lee skyes
People with no wifi passwords give me hope
WiFi went down for few minutes, so I had to talk to my family.
They seem like nice people.

ain't i so cool

About a month ago, on a long weekend, my family went away
and my house was robbed.

Everything was taken
gaming consoles
wifi modem

I have not had wifi or a phone, laptop, tv etc. for a month.
It made me realise how much i take everything for granted.

I want to apoligise because I now understand that compared to half the world population, I was an ungrateful, spoilt brat.
People are starving, dying, fighting in wars, and im taking everything i own for granted.


Now that our new wifi has been installed, Hopefully you will see me around more often  :)
No Wi-Fi = No life.
Some people can't sleep because they have insomnia.
I can't sleep because I have Internet Connection.
I just go wherever the WiFi takes me...
if  you're ever feeling sad, just remember. my wifi name is: drop  it like it's hotspot.
I want to live somewhere cute and quiet with lots of flowers and good wifi
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