Yeah Quotes

I use to be able to say that
you'd never see me smile
in pictures. But today.

You're the reason why. 

You'll probably think back
once karma comes around

to kick you in the àss

We are soft, malleable things behind our
brittle masks. We dance to the music of
of our dying days, and the champagne tastes
a little bit like sadness, but maybe if we
drink enough of it we will drown. I'm sick
of wanting things I can't have. I'm sick
of feeling sick, with my life, with myself.
I'm sick of gritting my teeth for people
who would sooner punch through them.
I'm sick of smiling for a world that doesn't
want to look me in the eyes.

i like looking at people but i don't like when they look at me

You can't break if you're already broken. But d@mn, those pieces can still shatter.

It's just a fantasy
taking over like a
pull me out of this I
it's burning through my chest

i wish i had someone to speak with.
i am so lonely.

ogod, i'alonagain

I’ve been screaming for years
and no one has ever heard me.



I look at her and wonder sometimes if she is drowning in the still air

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