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the name's faiye.

is it hard to believe?
i've never fallen in love before.
i don't know what it feels like,
to love someone.

Quotes by Haterade

I like him,
He likes her.


I woke up in a hospital.
I was in a coma, they said.
For 13 days, they said.
What happened?
I don't remember anything.
And then I log back onto witty,
And I see all these comments telling me not to kill myself.
Did I attempt?
Why don't I remember anything?
I'm just so confused.
The last thing I remember is being at school.
As if yesterday was May 3rd, 2012.
What's going on...
I can't remember...

I've got my blade.
Locked myself in the bathroom.
Bye guys.
I'm a female.
Fe = Iron
Male = Man
Therefore, I am Iron Man.

According to astronomy,
when you wish upon a star,
You're actually a few million years late.
That star is dead.
Just like your dreams.

You don't call Gatorade by its flavours.
You call it by its colours.

that awkward moment 
when the teacher says to find a partner
and you don't have any friends in that



It's easier to type your feelings than say them out loud.


You know what I hate?
Some people have life so easy
and others suffer.

Yet, the people that have it easy
always complain. Shut up.