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To you Justin Bieber fans, you do realize that after next month most of you can't even be with him for like three years right???

hahahahaha! >:)

Justin Bieber fans, most of you are going to be very depressed to find that you can't be with him after next month for like three years hahahaha!

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You can't keep teenagers from cussing, I'm sorry. It's not possible.

I have a problem. Okay well I have to problems.

PROBLEM ONE: I tend to speak in a manner that no one my age understands.

PROBLEM TWO: I really really do like this format, so most of my next few quotes will be in this format.


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Blink faster so you can read this :D

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Behind my smile, is a hurtin g heart. Behind my laugh
I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and see, the girl I am...

Isn't Really Me.






Stop. Just Stop.
You want the truth, well here goes...truth is, you're a liar, a con-artist, a minipulative jerk face who tried to ruin everything ANYONE has built up against you. I've had enough of it. I'm done. Forget you, I'm already happy and I'm not risking anything for you!

♥ Love,







My friend Mattison and I were talkin bout my ex
and this is the convo.

Me: He's kinda cute.
Matti: (tilting her head) At what angle?

gotta love my friends :D


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My little sister ( who is only eight) threw a stuffed animal at me and missed. I said she had bad aim and my friend said:

You gotta remember
She was throwing up when we were throwing down.



Everyone says to smile when you don't know what's going on....
why do you thinks I'm so happy all the time!