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i'll never forget you.
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My name's Ashley, call me whatever. I can be the greatest person you've ever met, or the biggest mistake you've ever met. Who I become to you, is completely in your hands. I'm 16, 2months and i'll be 17. I'm a Junior in High School. I trust noone, because anyone I ever have, have fucked me over in a heartbeat. If you actually know me, you'd know this. I'm judgemental, and I push everyone who gets close to me away. because I'm scared to hurt them, the way I've been hurt. I've had a rough past, but I'll never let the past define me. I'm single & not lookng. Those who know me, also know why. My emotions don't show very much, but when they do, they come out as anger, nothing less, nothing more. I'm addicted to mascara, shoes,my straightener, my phone, and Prison Break ♥ fivee things, i swear i couldn't live without. I'm outspoken, and if I don't like you, trust me, I will let you know. I sometimes overreact to things.I have both self- esteem, and self- respect. Something all girls lack these days. I won't change for anybody, & I don't expect you to change for me. Wentworth Miller = my husband ♥ Well Get to know me (:.

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dont really get on here much anymore, so fb me.


It makes me laugh when  guys  

say "money over bxtches" ,
yet  don't  have  either .




i can;t seem to let you go..
i know that we're not
gonna go anywhere .

l know that out so called "FOREVER"
already ended, but i can't grip it,
my feelings just don't understand itm &




dyou ever  

cry yourself to sleep at night?
feel ashamed, unloved and 
you don't know why? do you
ever feel like you're that girl,
who feels so helpless in this
cruel little world?there are
plenty of girls everywhere
you go. Yet, you feel ugly 
& lost with no place to go?
Your friends are gorgeous,
and they always get the
guys. While you feel
worthless and are fed
stupid boy's lies? Music
is your only escape from it all.
So you blast your songs
loud enough so no one hears
you crying. You're just waiting
to fall, or even feel like dying.
Baby girl, I just want you to
know, that I too was that girl
who hated her reflection and
my feelings, I'd never show.
I'd run from myself and believe
all the lies I was scorned with
words and hated goodbyes.
Your life will get better, believe
me sweetheart, it's true. But
you've got to love yourself first,
and find the strength within you.
And if you ever need someone
to talk to, talk to me. Because love
can cost you, but my word is
always free. Sta strong girl, even
if you're no where near perfect.
I'll be there for you all, & can't wait
until you see that your happiness
is honestly worth it.
   OU     e     w o h     i t






 I ' m   a   d i f f i c u l t    g i r l    t o    u n d e r s t a n d 
I    won't    text    you    first    because    I    want    you    to    text    me.
I keep my emotions bottled up inside because I'm afraid of heartbreak.
 I   k n o w   h o w   i t   f e e l s   t o   l o v e ,    b u t    t o    a l s o    l o s e.
I   can   be   stubborn  at  times,  &  I'm  sorry
I'm just not one of those clingy girls. If you disrespect me,     I'm gone.
I   know   my   worth   &   expect   you   to   understand   my   goals
I'm a smartass, sarcastic,  &  don't back down.
I  don't  get  jealous  because if you really liked me, there would be
no one else.  if you just open up your big green eyes, you'd realize that
I'm falling in love with you.    I just don't want to make the first move.

remind me,
to never  judge how well
i know a person. Because
the one person i
thought i knew best,

i don't even
know anymore.

Crying won't make them come back,
saying "i don't care", doesn't stop you from
caring. and holding it all in doesn't make you stronger.


i'm mad at myself, not you. i'm mad for always being nice. i'm mad for apologizing for things i didn't do. i'm mad for getting attached. i'm mad for letting you win every fight. i'm mad for giving you my everything, only to get nothing in return. i'm mad for all the nights i stayed up crying over you. i'm mad for all the times i took you back, only to know nothing would change, but hoping it would. i'm mad for thinking about you, but most of all


i'm mad for not hating you,

when i should.