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Hello fellow witty sisters (and the occasional witty brother)!
I'm Haylee, nice to meetcha!
I'm a 14 year old girl who is just entering my first year of highschool.
Most people would call me a loner (who am I kidding, everbody calls me a loner) but thats okay! Because I have the two best friends I could ever ask for; SarahhBabii and XRetroxMonsterX
I love music, of any kind. But I mostly listen to Taylor Swft, Skillet, Christina Aguilera, Paramore, Owl City, P!nk, Miranda Lambert, All Time Low, and some other stuff that  can't think of right now.
That's just a little bit about me, so if you'd like to learn more; comment(:

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Why can't I be pretty

Iike the other girls?  




I  can't  tell  if  it's  the  meds,  the  stress,  or  the  misserable  people  surrounding  me,  but  something  has  pulled  me  out  of  my  happiness  and  brought  me  back  to  that  
d a r k
place  again.


I remember when you won

that music award in 5th grade. I

remember how your wish

came true and you got the guy

you wanted in 6th grade. I

remember how you had all the

friends in the world in 7th grade.

I remember how you got your

first kiss, got awarded “Student

of the Month”, and grew up

without me in 8th grade. I

remember all of this and so

much more of the great things

you've done, and that's why I'm

so jealous of you. I know at

times it seems like I'm angry,

bored, or disappointed with

you, but really, I'm just jealous.

All the time I compare your

greatness to my flaws, and

that's what makes me realize

how useless I am. No matter

what, I will always remember

that compared to you; I'm



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The  only  thing  seperating  me  and  that
bottle of pills,
is   the  fear  of  what  will  happen  to  me
after I die.


I only ever thought I was good for one thing,
Being a good friend.
Now I know I'm not even good at that, so now
I know I'm useless.


and all I want is to

Lately it seems like

I'd be better off



I'm sorry I'm such a




 >>It makes me think about everything I'm trying to avoid<<


I have no one
I've finally realized it. I have no one to go to. No one to trust. No one to tell all of my problems to. No one to trust me. No one to rely on. No one that will help me with my problems. No one that I know will always be here for me.
I have no one,
& I don't know why