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You see me from the outside
But you don't judge me from the inside.

I'm in love.

Quotes by Kizzie29

My thoughts at school:
-Why are you walking so slow?
-Damn pull your skirt down, sl.t
-He's so cute. Why is he with her and not me?
-Did I brush my hair this morning?
-That's why he doesnt like me. LOL.
-I'm hungry
-I'm thirsty
-I'm bored
-I want to go home
-I don't get it.
-Is this going to be on the exam?
-Do we have homework?
-When can I go home?
-What's the time?
-What is the purpose of life?
-Oh good.
-Time to go home.
Reasons to get out of bed
-To eat
I miss you
The way you held me like I was the only one who was important to you in that moment. The way you held my hand when I was scared. The way you know when I'm unhappy and when I'm happy, and what to do to make me happy. The way you treat me like you love me more than anything. The way you're gentle with me. The way you act like I'm irreplacable. The way you make me feel beautiful<3
Will you still be here tomorrow, when the pain is real, my heart is still broken?
Maybe it's just me...
But I enjoy crying. I enjoy the feeling of crying out all the pain, like each tear represents each time someone hurt me. I don't cry instantly. Usually, the hurt and the memories just build up in my mind like a wave and then as soon as something hits me in my soft spot, that wave comes crashing down. I love being able to sit in the shower and let the water conceal my tears. I love sitting in the rain and letting it wash away my pain. I love the numb feeling that comes after I'm finished crying. I love crying into my pillow at night, trying to hide my sobs from disturbing everyone else, trying to sleep. I love being able to feel that sadness deep inside me be represented in tears. It proves my pain is real.
Or maybe that's just what depression did to me... 
I like being on my own a lot                                                  
but I hate the feeling of being lonely
When the world is falling apart
                             Will you still be with me?
Suicide is not a way of making the pain end for you. It just eliminates the chances of the pain getting any better<3
Everyday we wish to be something we're not.

Everyday we wish our weight was as low as our self-esteem.

Everyday wishing that stressing burned calories.

Everyday wishing that he will admit his true feeling to you.

& one day, every single one of those days will offer you

something new.

Offer you something to change your life with.

Maybe not today.

Maybe not tomorrow.

But someday.
Jerk at my school: Hey, guys , stop with the self harm jokes. You really need to cut it out.
Me: Hey, douche, how about you go stand in my shed where all the other tools are?