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i need to sort everything out. too much has been going on.
goodbye  for  now.  you  guys  are  amazing.


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look, i'm not normally one to come on witty and just vent, but i need it right now.
i'm so bloody angry. i honestly don't care if claire reads this, she needs to know how i feel
since she's blocked me on facebook, deleted me on skype,walks away from me at school, doing everything to aviod me.
its not right to break up with someone, then get a new boyfriend less then 10 minutes later, its just wrong.
i don't care how 'popular', 'sweet', 'charming' and 'amazing' he is, no. he's a jerk, she can tell him i said that.
its been over for awhile now though, but its not like it doesn't hurt anymore, she has a boyfriend,
5 girls have asked me to be their boyfriend since, i've said no, to all of them, all of them are so gorgeous.
but whatever, its not like she cares, she doesn't care if she has a boyfriend and if i'm just broken.
because she's moved on, and i'm just standing here alone, scared and incredibly confused, b-tch.


sorry if i'm being annoying, i'm so mad. -.-



if you loved me as much as you said you did,
t h e n   y o u   w o u l d n ' t   h a v e   p l a y e d   m e


I'm hardly online anymore,  so i just wanted to come online and say sorry.
a lot has been going on recently and i might as well just be honest with you guys.
i know i'm not like big, massive, witty famous or whatever, but to followers and friends.
i've been going through a lot, i discovered my little sister has depression, and shes been cutting.
my dad and mum have been constantly arguing, which is driving me insane, giving me headaches.
claire and i broke up, and do not plan on getting back together any time soon since she has a boyfriend.
my life is going crazy right now, so i really haven't got the time to be doing anything, i mean, i have time
i just don't see the point in anything, i'll probably go back to the same old habits, same oliver.
so if i never come on witty again i just want to say sorry to everyone, all of the friends i've made on here, i love you guys, you helped me through some kinda rough times, it means a lot to me.
if i'm hardly ever online, i'm sorry, but know that i'm really thankful.

its the worst feeling,
when you hear something terrible.
its like your throat closes up.
you can hardly breathe
you look down so nobody will see you cry.
you try to hide exactly how you feel.
and all because someone said a few words.
its horrible.


fat city b-tch, fat fat city b-tch,
ten ten ten doughnuts&a twinkie

confession #8  
i'm actually really shy around most people, i may seem really confident, happy, whatever, but it takes a lot for me to talk to someone.

confession #7 
i used to be a jerk, a user, a player, a bad person, but i changed for myself and everybody else, life is much better now, i'm still not perfect, but i'm not a cheater, user or a massivle player, claire changed me and showed me i can do anything if i really want it.

confession #6
sometimes, claire is the only good thing in my life.

sometimes i just want to high-five you,
right in the
with a
made of steel.