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Quotes by RachieThoughts

why do i find myself chasing after a guy who already broke my heart once before?
i want a guy who won't toss me aside and make me feel like crap, but i keep running back.
i thought i was over him
i thought i was done
whats going on??
why do i feel this??
i know im setting myself up for disaster.....................but i cant stop myself
every moment i spend talking to him, i start to see things working out
things coming into play and actually happening in the future
i thought i was over him
i think i was done
whats going on??
who do i feel this??
i know im setting myself up for disaster.......................but i cant stop myself 

i just wanna get something out there, girls, YOURE WORTH IT! 
dont give in to the first/any guy who tells you you're beautiful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! i can tell you that! God made, you. He made you in His image, therefore, YOU ARE beautiful.  God doesn't make mistakes. Know that youre worth more than giving yourself away to some guy who sweet talks you or says he will never leave you. hold out, wait a while, enjoy life without someone emotionally wearing you out 24/7. improve grades, think about college, raise your standards of what a man SHOULD be, therefore, today's guys will have no choice but rise up to the occasion and actually behave like real men. us girls dont need guys....us women deserve men. men who will treat us the way we DESERVE to be treated, with respect! respect yourself, and youll get more respect from others. 

i just felt like that needed to be said to a couple people out there today. good luck in life <3 God bless; Im here if you ever need to talk :)

*in the shower*
*thinks of a really good quote*
"OH! thatd be great for witty! I have to remember that!"
*finnishes shower and logs onto witty*
".............. CRAP!"
it never comes out the same
story of my life.

"Mirror Mirror, on the wall, have i got it?
'cuz Mirror you've always told me who i am.
Im finding its not easy to be perfect
so sorry, you dont define me
sorry, you dont own me.

who are you to tell me 
that im less than what i should be?
who are you??..... who are you..?
i dont need to listen to the 
list of things i should do
i wont try... oh no.. i wont try

Mirror i am seeing a new reflection
im looking into the eyes
of He who made me,
to Him, i am beauty beyond compare
and i know He defines me"

Barlow Girl- Mirror


                  if you were assigned atleast one project to do over winter break. 

Parents wonder why us teenagers stay up so late at night either on the phone, computer, or watching tv until we pass out.
Well mom & dad, its because if i go to bed when im not completely tired, i lie awake thinking about all the things about my life that i hate & wish i could change. 
sometimes i just dont want to think about all the negatives.

and he asked me to be his when i looked my worst:
no make up, basketball shorts, t-shirt, tangled hair, and exhausted at 1 am.
thats how you know he's not in this for looks <3

so last night...
our school lost the state champs. 
he didnt want to ask me out on a day that was such a downer.
he waited until midnight, grabbed me by the hands, looked me straight in the eyes and asked "will you be my girl friend?" 
i couldn't resist his blue eyes and nervously shaking hands <3


i like a guy...

anyone else?? :)