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I'm Autumn, I'm 12, I'm hurt, I'm too stupid to know how to add a background, My profile will forever be nooby.

#foreveranoob <3

TheThunderRollsIn's Favorite Quotes


Don't be upset because you miss 

Something from your past.

 There is always a reason whit didn't  

Make it to your future. ♥




Yes, I'm a boy.
Yes, I play call of duty.
But I'm not here to flirt.
I'm here to make you smile.

Smile, you are a
wonderful addition
to the Earth.

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I promise I will do them all. =) 

And what

happens if

you get scared 

half to


Roses are red.

I have a phone.

Nobody texts me.

Forever alone.


Me on a regular day:

Mom: I'm really sorry honey, but your hamster died.
Me:  It's okay.  I'm sure he is in hamster heaven now.

Me on my period:

Mom: They didn't have any raspberries at the store today, but I bought some stawberries and grapes!
Me: WTF!!  I wanted raspberries.  This has got to be the worst day of my life!! *Storms off crying*

Witty and 10 cats is what i will be in 20 years.. <3

just for once,
I want someone to be afraid of losing me.


Did you know?..

When you mouth the word
It looks like your mouthing

"I love you"

-nmf. hate it. add me on facebook, Kristen Witty

It's funny how the guy I like 

Acts like a d-bag sometimes. I don't want to like him - but it's something that makes me like him. i have no idea why.